Winter in Sdyney

In the City of New South Wales

I’m so glad that I got the chance to travel around Sdyney before my Uni start. That time was still in winter and very fortunate that time wasn’t that cold. Due to my Uni start will start soon and so I just had the city tour and harbour cruises experience. My hotel was close to the Chinatown and between George Street. The city were so fantastic and crowded in the evening. Finally I found a place in Australia where there’s so much things to do during the night! Also¬†I went to the one of the famous Rocks market! You can find so many quirky and unique souvenir. Is all locally made and reasonable price. Will come again to visit Sdyney for sure!

 Sdyney City

Sdyney Opera House

Sdyney Opera House

What a cute classic shuttle off the street!

Actually I’m a bit freezing that time..LOL

Darling Harbour

It was such amazing cruise I’ve ever had, which this tour included Zoo visiting as well. I am so happy that day was a bright sunny day for a full day cruise tour. I got to take a lots of beautiful photos and enjoying the view from the cruise. We were drop at the famous BONDI Beach for lunch! It is a very relaxing moment where you can enjoy the beach view at same time while having lunch.

On the sea!

New South Wales

Bondi Beach !


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