Rendezvous in Shanghai

November Babies 2015!!! 

Rendezvous in Shanghai

It was November 2015! ( My birthday month ). I had planned a trip for myself again for this year! Besides, was intended to visits my Uni friends in Shanghai too! What a great idea! Was a double purposes reason to plan a trip!

It was quite some time that I have not have my footprint to China. It was another great experiences this time PLUS travelling around with my friends!

I heard a lot about how glamour about Shanghai, and my friends keep bugging me to come to visits them! It was so amazing when I first arrived in Shanghai!

Let’s get started with my tour!

Often in the city, rarely have this classic oriental kind of street!

Here was in Suzhou, they called it the little Venice of China. ( So Romantic )



In the wild city! Really love the night life in Shanghai. It was so glamorous!

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