Phuket Getaway!!!

Phuket Getaway!!

By the beachside

First time to Phuket, one word to described EXCITING! It was a spontaneous decision made and last minute trip ever! I personally do not go for a long planning tour or a long waited decisions. Hence, long term planning will not get in my way. When comes to travel, I like to do it in my own way of decision.

This trip was so amazing that I went with only few friends (crazy), and I would said it was the crazies trip ever!!!

Bright sunshine so refreshing…


Friendzy! ^_^


Reading by the beachside…


One of the top restaurant must go in Patong, Phuket!

Number 6 Thai Restaurant Patong Beach


This from the night market..


Coconut ice cream my favourite ever!!!


I love sunset so much!

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