New Visitor From Perth

I am the new visitor to Perth!

This was an amazing trip and many thanks to aunt Sam for bringing me to such beautiful places in Perth. I would said it was an unintentional trip, because I was actually accompanied my mum to visit aunt Sam. Well it was a twist that I actually planned the whole trip for myself when I arrive in Perth! Guess what? I planned a trip to Adelaide! OMG! I never been to Adelaide before and I have few friends were from and stay Adelaide. Thus, I was so curious about Adelaide ever since then, so I decided to visit Adelaide someday! Who knows my dreams really come true!

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Fremantle Beach

To be frank, I’ve never heard about Fremantle beach before. I heard it was a pit-stop for world traveler when come to Perth. The beach was a so beautiful and serene which is good for a morning walk and jogging. It is a tourist spot to spend time together with family. There are a lots of remained old British architecture along the Fremantle small town. You can find the most famous coffee shop in the town and one thing! You must try their FISH & CHIPS! OMG so yummy and also MUSSELS! 

I’ve tried one at the South Beach Fremantle just close to the harbour cruise behind the market.

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Swan Valley night view


Walking down to the Perth City



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