Graduate Vacation

Philip Island

It was my after graduation trip with my family this time. I was a bit sad actually, because is the time to enter the Real World ! Oh No….Anyway was happy that I finally graduated and completed my Master course! Finally….

I planned Philip Island trip this time with my family since I am still in Melbourne. It was quite funny that I only got the chance to visit Philip Island after my graduation after long time living in Melbourne. 

 Philip island

OH Penguin is coming out soon!

I never see a penguin before and I am so excited can’t wait! We got there in the afternoon and have to wait till evening sunset. Because penguin only come off after the sunset and NO FLASH CAMERA are allowed please! It will scare off the penguin away, so too bad can’t take penguin picture. It was quite windy that day and cold in the evening. Anyway I can bear with that cool wind as long as I can see penguin! Finally the sky are getting darker and I really saw few penguins are coming up to the sand beach. More and more penguins are coming up and walking up in a queue line so CUTE! It was really cute and the penguin was a bit small compare to the Antarctica penguin. Hah! of course this from Melbourne is not the same. 


Brighton Beach It was a beach side of Melbourne suburb and is the city of bayside.

Along the way to Philip Island we drop by at Brighton Beach, I am so happy it was a sunny day blue sky and is a good time to take beautiful photography. 

Beautiful beach houses! You can rent the houses here if you are going for surfing or family occasion. So you can keep the stuff and change in there. I am not sure about the price, but can check online for more information. I really like how the paint design of the houses, is colourful and striking at the same time so you can recognise your own houses.Haha…

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