Good Morning Adelaide!

Got onto afternoon flight from Perth and arrived in Adelaide at the evening time here. I am so hungry that time and the shop was closed. So I got something from the convenient shop and headed to the hotel. It was a beautiful city along the way to the hotel. All the lights sparks in the Adelaide city was so spectacular! Was a bit tired from the flight and it was raining, so I just stayed and rested in the hotel. 

AND thank god! I booked few tour when I was in Perth so I would not have to waste a day to plan and find a tour. My mom was right, I should book a tour while I am booking for Perth tour as well. Well I have to said she’s smart! sometimes parent’s advice will come in handy in the future. LOL….(keep it in mind)

I woke up around 7am in the morning to prepare for the city tour. When I first got out from the hotel I saw this beautiful building just right in front of my hotel! I could not see clearly the building during the night when I first arrived. OMG! it was a really beautiful city in the morning! It was a bright sunshine morning that day to begin my city day tour! hooray!

Adelaide City Tour

St.Peter Cathedral.

This is the churches road, and you can see a lots of beautiful church architecture along the way. It was a bit shower on that day lost the sunshine.

Glenelg Attraction!

It was a beachside along the Glenelg, and I had a beautiful lunch while enjoying the beach view! I would said it almost similar to St.Kilda Beach back in Melbourne, and there are a lots of shops, restaurant and coffee shop! More about food when I am in Glenelg, go to my instagram:


My favourite Barossa Valley tour!

Jacob Creek Winery!

I am so in love with this place! Look at the view. Is kind of faraway form mankind and you feel like how really worth it of living as human being. LOL..Along the way to Barossa I saw farm, barn, little cottage house, and a small town of the countryside. I like nature a lot and as I use to grown up in a city so much.

I am so happy that I got to taste Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Champagne, and lots of wine too! and my favourite was the Shiraz!. Drinking wine during the winter it was a soothing to the soul. Nothing is better than having a single glass of wine serves to thaw body and mind.

Hahndorf  hi-tea time

Along the way back to the city, we got to walk around the famous Hahndorf of Adelaide Hills. Too bad it was raining that day, and could not take anymore beautiful pictures. Well at least I had a lovely hi tea time at one of the cafe! LOOK! does it really tempting?……yummy…

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