Easter break trip

Along The Great Ocean Road

It was easter semester break week for me and my mum are visiting me in Melbourne at the same time. I wouldn’t just spend my semester break just lying down on my bed and doing assignment (sigh). Since my mum are coming, for holiday so I planned few trips for my mum.

First trip will be the Great Ocean Road.

When I first got here, I cannot bear keeping my camera hidden, so I took as much as photos as I can. The view was just so stunning and beautiful. Looking at the beautiful rock formation just makes the whole trip so worthy. It was one of the world’s most scenic coastal drives and road touring route for tourist.

Lunch at The light House!


Second trip to Mornington

I love wine!

Wine tasting moment was such an exciting experiences and visiting the winery factory was a dream comes true! I really love the countryside scenery along the way to Mornington Hill from the city. I felt like I was in the classic and vintage English film background LOL. I always use to love classic things which bring the old days back to the modern kind of inspirations. Driving along the route was rather better than in the flight where you can only see sky and cloud. Agree? 

We had our lunch in the winery restaurant and at the same time we get to taste the wine. I got myself a bottle of MOSCATO ! Can’t wait to taste it!

Check out the menu at my instagram, http://instagram.com/sulikok

Finding the gnomes to get my way out!

After the lunch we headed to one of the famous maze garden and strawberry jam factory along the hill route. We were given a small box and get to picked strawberry at the jam factory farm. We get to play a game at the maze garden where we have to find gnomes to find the way out! And it was so cold in there ( autumn season) that I just want to have a cup of hot coffee! 

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